Tomorrow Kate and I are off to Lake Garda in the North of Italy for two weeks. We’re then getting married in Malcesine Castle next Friday (22nd). I had planned to have some of my usual half arsed updates written in advance so that this little blog wouldn’t be empty for two weeks… but a certain incident put pay to that.

Speaking of which, I’m getting better. The stitches in my right knee were removed earlier today. It wasn’t a fun procedure since one had been healed over by a scab. As you can imagine that took a while to get out. Actually taking the bandage off was more painful since it gave me a bit of waxing. Waxing just isn’t natural. My bruises are also fading and it’s just lots of little aches and pains to get over now.

We’ll try to post some stuff up whilst we’re away, either on here or on the gallery, but it depends if I can find the interweb! Anyhoo, wish us luck! I’d better go finish (start) packing!

By Paul

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