Ah yes… where are they you ask? Right under your noses! What you see there is what we got off the photographer we had on the day. Instead of prints we got a CD with high res images, good for printing. The CD also had a simple HTML slideshow on it which I mangled a bit to give links to the full size images and some medium sizes images I did that were good for viewing on my PSP.

Anyhoo, some of the photos are really cheesy and some show just how much I like pies (i.e. lots) so I think I’ll be trying to lose some weight! Angela, our photographer, preferred to do more natural shots than us posing a lot (although there is some of that). Out of all them, my fave out is this one.

I write a full waffley update soon but basically the wedding took place in Malcesine castle and the ceremony was about 20 minutes long. It was all in Italian with a translator on hand to explain that we were actually getting married and not buying several hundred tons of pasta and meatballs (this was one of the many odd things going through my head at the time).

We then walked down to the harbour (through the town, a surreal experience with people bowing and shouting “Bella, bella” at Kate (which I’m told means beautiful, which is just ace)) and went on a boat trip on Lake Garda for about half an hour. Afterwards we went to a local restaurant for our wedding meal :) It was a fantastic day and that’s kind of a quick description for 5 hours, but there you go :D

By Paul

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