Can’t get much easier than this and I’m amazed no one has explained it properly. Basically with the install of a simple plugin you can get your WordPress database automatically backed up and emailed to you everyday.

If you have WordPress 2 you’ll already have the WP-DB-Backup plugin. Make sure it’s activated and then download the WP-Cron plugin (by the Scott Merrill, also the author of the DB Backup plugin). Extract the zip file locally and upload the files straight to your plugin folder (/your site/wp-content/plugins/).

Next go into the admin section of WordPress, then Plugins and activate it:


Once activated, extra options will appear on the Manage / Backup option:


Before plugin activated


After plugin activated

Make sure you’re happy with it’s setting and click submit. And that’s all there is to it!

By Paul

3 thought on “Easy automatic WordPress backups”
  1. pauk, thanks for reminding about the backups! i’ve updated this plugin on my site too. after such failures it’s better to backup daily indeed… feels safer ;)

  2. Hmm I think it’s a problem with my host crapping out and not allowing the emails through. Since it had problems on the first day of running it’s stopping sending emails.

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