I’ve occasionally thought of myself as an Optimistic Pessimist, in that I like to think things will all be ok, but deep down I know it’ll all turn to sh*t. An odd way of seeing things I know, but when you’re in a dark mood, things just seem that way. On the whole though I am an optimist and think that if you have a positive attitude towards life you’ll succeed.

The reason I bring this up is because of two blog posts this week that struck a cord with me. The first from Adam Barr (Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters blog) and the second from Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist). I can’t say I share Scott’s almost unnerving “I’m going to win” attitude but I do agree with him that if you keep plugging away at something that even if it don’t succeed you’ll learn from it.

The same applies with Adam’s post, the fourth and fifth paragraphs sum up nicely how I feel towards work. You might not always like what you’ve been asked to do, but if look at it positively and do it to the best of your abilities you can’t really go wrong.

Its good to know I’m not the only one who has an odd (or maybe not so odd) way of seeing the world.

By Paul

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