This took me by surprise when Vondur pointed it out last week and I’ve done a bit of reading up on it since. Seems Triton, the “digital delivery and digital rights management service”, which was used to distribute, amongst other things, Prey suddenly closed at the beginning of the month. The website,, is now a Go Daddy link spam site, which is pretty damn quick even for them! 

It looks like anyone who bought anything off there is pretty screwed since Triton needs to be activate it to load… but of course there are means and ways of getting around it ;). Voodoo Extreme has funny piece on the situation and the Wikipedia entry has even been updated.

I’m glad I didn’t buy anything on it, it looked dodgy to start with. It’s USP was that you could start playing a game before it had fully downloaded, but I don’t know how usable or useful it was in practice. Other than that it didn’t offer anything over Steam, other than a lack of content.

Unfortunately Vondur was silly enough to get Prey via it… but on the plus side, 3D Realms are sending out boxed copies of Prey to all affected customers. You don’t need hindsight on this one to say 3D Realms should have gone with Steam!

By Paul

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