So my shiny new laptop arrived yesterday and I booted it up to check it was all working as expected. It was, but I was disgusted by all the crap installed on it by default. Take a look at these two screen shots, one from Process Explorer and the other from Autoruns:

640mPreinstallProcExp 640mPreinstallAutoruns

In the ProcExp screenie the bottom four or five are processes I ran, but other than, that’s what is running after logon. I’m not really surprised since that’s what Dell do, but this is the first consumer Dell I’ve bought (the rest have all been work machines) and it seems to have a lot more chaff installed than I’m used to seeing. This week a colleague at work, also got a new laptop, a Sony Vaio, and that too came pre-installed with tons of useless crude.

Stuff like this annoys the crap out of me since you have to waste time removing it and tidying up, however in the case I just scrubbed the OS and started again with Vista (or at least that was the idea…).

By Paul

5 thought on “Pre-installed crap on a Dell laptop”
  1. Eh, I don’t have any witty comments involving chaff and chaffing, but I’d like to add that my shiny new Asus R1F (1 week old) only came with a couple pieces of crapware installed. Funny this is, Asus makes some of Sony’s laptops! :-)

  2. Drew, sounds like you were lucky! Doesn’t Asus make laptops for a lot of other companies as well?

    I was impressed by how well built the Vaio was given how light it was. I think part of the case was made out of carbon fibre.

    Btw, nice laptop / tablet PC, I’m very jealous of the pivoting screen. They just look so cool.

  3. Hmm, I too got a bunch of preinstalled crap but I’ve been too lazy to investigate much I’m afraid so most of it is still around… one of this days I’ll clean it up though!

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