Not likely! I commented on a website way back in February that wanted to boycott the now new James Bond film, Casino Royale, because of Daniel Craig taking up the part from Pierce Brosnan. Problem is they’re not going to do much of a job it if the site domain expires are they?

Anyhoo, the good news is that film is out on Thursday and we’ll most likely be going to see it over the weekend. I’m a little worried though because the reaction from the “critics” has been that’s it good and as everyone knows, that usually means its crap. Critics aren’t to be trusted. The key thing with Bond films is a good baddie. If its got that, it’ll be cracking.

On a slight tangent, there’s an interesting piece on BBC News about the real MI6 and how M is actually C and that Q does exist! Cool!

Edit: It appears the site has spawned Yay for awful html skills.

By Paul

2 thought on “Boycott James Bond?”
  1. I dunno. I have to say, this Bond movie actually looks interesting. And although I’ve never actually seen a Bond film, I’ve never had an interest in doing so until now.

  2. I should have a write up of it done tonight. I highly recommend going to see it, especially so if you’re not a Bond fan since it’s not your usual Bond cheesiness.

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