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TopDesk – Windows Vista style Window Flipping!

Now this is cool, TopDesk replaces the standard Windows “ALT + TAB” with the Windows Vista style method. It certainly looks cool and seems useful, but I’ll have to work with it for a while to decide.

TopDeskFlip1 TopDeskFlip2 TopDeskFlip3

I can’t say I’m a fan however of the OS X Expose style options. After trying them out I think they’re unusable, especially on a dual monitor setup, since it jumps about all over the screen(s) to focus on different windows. I find it hard work to follow and distracting. With the Vista style method its consistent with the selection always in the one place.

Originally found it via Scott Hanselman’s site. (Images are from TopDesk site)

Vondur said,

February 8, 2006 @ 8:52 pm

ja, all these candies are good at the first glance. i tried alternative desktops even sphere desktop (yeah all the windows are like around you). but all this is complex and not that fast so i switched back to the usual windows theme. maybe it’ll work properly on windows vista itself…hopefully.

Pauk said,

February 8, 2006 @ 10:48 pm

Have to say I’m starting to agree, good old alt+tab is more usuable. Plus the more windows you have open the more memory it takes. I have 10+ windows open at the moment and its sat using up 60MB of memory. Ouch! Earlier today it was over 100MB!

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