WWE-Raw-LogoThe monster-in-law (she gave herself that name :D) is a huge fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and as special treat we booked tickets to see it live at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester last Monday evening. Now I quite like WWE, it’s all hammed up on TV and it’s fun to watch what with the fixed matches and daft storylines.

Thing is, seen live it’s incredibly boring. What we were watching was being broadcast live to America so there were lots of pauses and breaks in between matches so it would fit in with the giant sized ad breaks they have. Plus two shows were being recorded, ECW and Monday Night RAW. ECW was on first at 7.30pm and lasted about an hour and a half, the from 9pm until just past 11pm it was RAW.

Unfortunately for us we got there at 6.30pm so were there for nearly 5 hours! We also were high up the upper tier, in the middle of a row, so trying to sneak out for a bit of a stretch was difficult. It probably would have been ok without the ECW stuff, but there you go.

It was cool though to see some of the actors wrestlers, such as Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper beating the crap out of each other. I would have liked to have seen The Undertaker, but was informed he was on Smackdown and not Raw. Oh silly me! The whole ongoing DX thing was funny and I must admit, when we weren’t sat in the dark waiting, I was impressed by the show they put on.

As a one off experience, it’s good but we’ll not be going next year to see them when they’re back over in the UK (Kate wasn’t very keen on WWE to start with, so this experience has definitely put her off!). We’ll have to find the mother-in-law a tag team partner to go watch it with!

By Paul

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