This is an interesting one and it’s also a first. I received this email earlier today:


The request was pretty simple, a Google on the chaps name threw up an old MPQ Archive review in the first few results and given that he does web design work, he didn’t want potential customers seeing it. I wasn’t entirely sure people would put 2 and 2 together, but thought it was a polite and reasonable request.

However, two things stopped me from removing it completely. The first is that I’d gone to trouble of writing the review and also that I’d put a lot of effort into getting MPQ Archive up and running so didn’t want to start removing content. Secondly, as far as I’m aware, this is the only Quake map to feature Pamela Anderson. Not just that, it’s a Quake / Duke Nukem 3D / Barb Wire cross-over! It just had to be kept!

So I came up with a compromise. Simply change the authors name on the review and accompanying readme. I asked if that was ok, it was, so I changed it at the author’s request to “Bernd Maus” (German musician?). Means nowt to me, but I’ve done it.

Anyhoo, I can kind of see why he wanted it removing since it’s a low scoring map and it’s a bit chaffy, but on the plus side it shows that from an early age he showed sufficient motivation to go about creating a map, publishing it and then getting muggins here to review it. But there you go. Just don’t tell him that his name is still in the full map download ;)

By Paul

4 thought on “Remove a review from MPQ Archive?”
  1. Reminds me that I always wanted to tell you that some information on MPQ Archive is plain wrong.

    For example my entries: In the author overview it says that there are 3 maps of mine reviewed but it’s only 2. Additionally the average score is wrong, for me it says 2.8 but considering the two maps of mine which are rated 4.5 and 4.0 it should be 4.25.

    The same problems occur with other authors as well, so it’s not just me.

    Go fix it!

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