The Vondur we all know and love is actually teetotal and doesn’t go near the vodka. In fact if he goes within 10 foot of a store selling the stuff he starts to come out in hives. The side affect of that is navigating his way through Moscow is a bit of nightmare since, obviously, there’s a vodka store on every corner.

Which means that when we see Vondur on IRC “drunk”, it’s not Vondur. Nope. It’s his cat. He sneaks on the interweb late at night whilst Vondur sleeps. And look, here’s the proof:


By pretending he’s just good old drunk Vondur, Vondur Cat’s typos are ignored. I was beginning to suspect something was up though, since on one occasion drunk Vondur was rabbiting on about he relaxed by having a good belly rub and that he really liked being scratched behind his ears. Then came the real giveaway that he preferred Whiskers to Felix. Meatier chunks or something. Then to top it off the above photo mysteriously appeared in my Inbox.

So there you have it, Drunk Vondur = Vondur Cat.

Far too cute for his own good, he even has his own gallery.

By Paul

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