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Blog outage again

Exactly the same as before, bear spotted that my blog either displayed blank pages or timed out. So I decided to trace it a bit further than before. I knew there was a problem somewhere in my WordPress database but I also knew that trying to look at it via phpMyAdmin was a waste of time since it locked up.

So I knocked up some php to list all the tables in that database along with their status and contents. And it turns out it’s wp_comments that’s causing the problem (accessing the table causes nothing to appear). Unfortunately by the time I’d worked that out and was deciding how to investigate further, it magically fixed itself. Bugger.

I’ve been pondering various causes and the only two that come to mind are that SiteGround are performing some form of maintenance that locks it up (kinda figures since it was 10am here, which is between 3am to 5am in the US) or that’s it’s related to blog spam. Perhaps something gets posted that MySQL doesn’t take too kindly too. I don’t know. Makes me think I should tighten up comment input, but I don’t really want to do that. Oh well.

The little outage reminds me though that I need to sort out a proper backup. I know I mentioned a plugin for WordPress (wp-cron) but for some reason it craps out. SiteGround appears to be blocking the emails it sends, so I’ll have to brew up something myself.

Vondur said,

December 11, 2006 @ 11:00 am

pauk, i’m afraid that fucking spam robots that assault our blogs are responsible, they might make too much queries simultaneously that resembles some kind of a dos attack on sql server, which turns it to stupor of some kind…. sigh… sometimes i think to disable commenting at all :(

Paul said,

December 11, 2006 @ 11:19 am

I was thinking that too. I was reading on the SiteGround support site that if they get too many connections from one IP address they will block access, which can have knock on affects.

I was thinking about adding in a captcha but that might be overkill.

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