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Login to an expired Windows system?

So this chap comes up with a novel backdoor for getting at your files if you’ve been daft enough not to activate your copy of Windows in time so that it expires, which I though was great. However the resulting comments have turned into your typical cesspit of Windows hating, Linux loving asshats. 

The response is just so stereotypical. To fix Windows just install Linux. Great idea! How can an Operating System that has at least 30+ different distributions be a “fix” for Windows?

Why would your average Windows user want to use something where they can’t even decide on what the default GUI for it is? GNOME or KDE anyone? If they can’t even manage to activate Windows, how the hell are they going to install Linux? And would they get any help? No, it’d be RTFM stupid! What F**king Manual? There’s only a half written howto file?!

Linux is never going to achieve mass market usage (on the desktop) with such a twatish behaviour from it’s existing users. And to be honest, until that changes, I hope it never does.

As an aside, I do keep trying various distro’s to see how it’s progressing, but nothing has yet made me feel that I need to switch.

Bal said,

December 16, 2006 @ 9:14 am

I used something like that, but it was to reset the passwords on an machine where no one could remember his passwords, was useful. =)

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