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The Skeleton Dance

Came across this post today on BoingBoing that brought back some childhood memories. It’s a link to a capture of Disney’s Skeleton Dance which when I was a young ‘un used to give me nightmares (I was easily scared as a child).

[gv data=”http://www.youtube.com/?v=mb_WYxgh-_g”][/gv]

I remember watching it on VHS tape along with the Mickey Mouse’s Haunted House nearly every week. I used to get my Dad to rent it out from Variety Videos in Burnley (which later became a Blockbuster).

Actually Variety Videos was a weird place, it seemed very dark and seedy. It was dimly lit and the carpet was a weird deep red with a repeating logo of black top hat and cane woven in. The place had two floors and the kids videos were kept on the ground floor, next to the Betamax tapes that nobody seemed to rent. The videos seemed to have been there for years, all the colours had faded out of their sleeves, looking more like pastel shades. Kinda sad really looking back on it.

Anyhoo, I was gutted when we couldn’t rent my favourite video anymore, but that was because I’d worn the tape out :)

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