Thanks to a heads up from Pope I’ve fixed comment entry. I’d change themes and forgot to put in a box for the math comment spam protection thingy, which would explain why there have been no comments for two months!

I’ve also switched back to my old WordPress theme. I’ve not been very keen on any of the minimalist ones I’ve been using, but I’m not so happy with this one any more since it’s a bit long in the tooth. So I’ve either got to find another one I really like or make one meself. Doh!

By Paul

3 thought on “Site tweakage: Comments fixed, old theme is back!”
  1. i’m too nice

    or the ‘ol adapt a theme to suit your needs routine… maybe just spice up this one a bit. colour changes and new header image?

    sometimes a palette adjustment is just enough to add new flavour. Because as it stands I quite enjoy your layout that you have going here.

  2. Aye, I think you’re right, I do like the layout of the theme. And it does come with some tweakable settings (I’ve now picked a lovely Lime Green) but I think I’ll have ago at creating my own colour settings.

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