Well I managed to do better at getting in to work today than I did on the 5th September 2006. I even tempted fate and took the same route at almost the same time.

So, where are things a year on? Well, I’m still trucking :) Oh, and happily married :). Our first anniversary is on the 22nd and I’m whisking wifey off to Italy.

Anyhoo, it took nearly 4 months to get another car sorted (mine was a write off). So Kate’s trusty Escort was commandeered so I could get to work. It held up pretty well, after it’d had a service and been welded back together (she’s had it 3 years and not had it serviced once!).

My insurers, Direct Line, were pretty good at errr… coughing up the dough. I was surprised that my insurance premium actually went down when it was renewed earlier in the year.

Most of my problems were because the car wasn’t my own, but a company one and so there are various other peeps involved. And as everyone knows, the more people you get involved in something, the longer it takes to get anything done…

The other party still refuses to accept any liability and amusingly on Monday just gone, I had to fill in forms to take him to small claims court to recover various losses (company car payments for new car, insurance policy excess, etc).

I would have hoped that by now that would have been sorted, but there you go. Hopefully in a years time I can report that it’s all done and dusted!

By Paul

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