Theitcrowdep2still-792586Doh, I had intended to post about the new series a couple of weeks ago when it started… but well, yeah. Anyhoo, the good news is this.

The IT Crowd is back on Channel Four, with four episodes to go! Originally there were meant to be eight episodes, but Graham Linehan (creator of The IT Crowd and of course Father Ted) noted on his blog:

Sorry about the wait, and sorry there’s only six episodes, but really, if there’d been eight episodes, two of them would have been bollocks.

Btw, his blog is aces, very interesting read. Anyhoo, BoingBoing, as always has links to BitTorrents for the first two episodes.

And related to that, I found details on The IT Crowd USA (NBC Site). Ugh…


It’s not really the same is it?


No.. but fortunately they’ve had the good sense to at least keep Richard Ayoade as Moss. I’d be interested to see what it’s like.

By Paul

7 thought on “The IT Crowd – Series 2!”
  1. I’ve seen the first two episodes and both of them are brilliant… the first one was pretty gay, though. :)

    Never heard of the US version of the show. Judging from the pic you posted it looks to be crap.

  2. I was unsure on the first episode to start with. The first 15 minutes weren’t up to much, but when Roy pretended to be disabled in the toilets and Moss ending up serving Jen at the bar, I knew it was back on form :). You just can’t take I.T. geeks anywhere!

  3. Hi, I’m from Brazil and was looking for some information about this excelent show. It was canceled? Cause I was was quite confused when I saw Moss in the American version.
    Could you please reply the answer to me?

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