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To everyone who thinks Apple owes them money because the iPhone price dropped

Whine a little louder, the starving people in Darfur can’t hear you.

To those of you wondering why my misanthropic tendencies are so well-developed? Shit like “YOU DROPPED THE PRICE, WE DESERVE MONEEEE” is why. I hate entitlement queens, and MacMacs are the worst of all.

Every.Single.Complaint resolves to “Waaah, I want my $200 because I couldn’t wait, WAAAAH”

Fucking crybabies. Get bent all of you, and eat glass.

Ah, genius. Wish I had that kind of, erm, style. I totally agree though. Those asshats who paid silly money for an iPhone when they came out don’t deserve anything back… what’s that old saying? A fool and his money are easily parted?

By Paul

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