From the Compact Oxford English Dictionary:



  • adjective 1 unconventional and slightly strange. 2 technical not placed centrally or not having its axis placed centrally. 3 technical (of an orbit) not circular, especially to a marked degree.

  • noun 1 an eccentric person. 2 a cam or other part mounted eccentrically on a revolving shaft in order to transform rotation into backward-and-forward motion.

(Wikipedia for more details).

Point in case for Definition 1:

The couple who stopped off at a Travelodge – and stayed 22 years

For most of us who visit a Travelodge, it is a fleeting pleasure. Park the car, go to bed and get away as early as possible in the morning. But for David and Jean Davidson, it is home. They arrived in 1985, and enjoyed it so much that they never left.

Full story here. I say good on them, saves on the cleaning!

By Paul

4 thought on “The definition of Eccentric”
  1. Save on the cleaning – The travel Lodge we stayed in had cobwebs! And the only reason the rooms are easy to clean is because there is no personal items in them, and the fact that they are small. To be fair that was just the one in Basingstoke! All the others have been nice :)

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