Rumblebox1Picked this up via Digg. What an ace little game it is. The name, Rumble Box, is very apt. The idea is you’re in a box and you control a person (?) made up out of cubes with a sphere for a head. Odd I know, but its got a really nice cell shaded style to it.

Doors randomly open on the sides of the box to let out enemies that you have to kill. When you kill them they don’t disappear, but collapse into their constituent parts. So as you attack them they start to pile up.


The point of the game is to get out of the box and this is the clever bit, in order to do that you have to pile the “bodies” up against the walls. You can either directly punch an enemy or throw them in a particular direction. That adds a nice bit of strategy to it. Its fast paced and I found it highly enjoyable.

Given the Digg effect nuked the original site, heres some download links:

By Paul

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