Let me explain with help of this diagram:


It’s mostly milk and cream you see. Although I can’t complain either, I like me Cappuccino’s!


Actually, the only reason for this post is because I really like the Coffee Drinks Illustrated diagrams Lokesh Dhakar has done. And you can now buy cups with them on… very tempting!

By Paul

3 thought on “And the wife wonders why Caffe Mocha’s are cold!”
  1. Ah, you see Kate sometimes gets Hot Chocolate when we go to places like Starbucks, but they’re always cold too.

    Then again she could probably drink molten lava (she likes boiling hot brews) and say it was cold ¬_¬. Heh, hope she doesn’t read that…

  2. because your barista sucks at keeping the drink warm. they should pre-heat the mug while they prepare the espresso shot with hot water.

    and don’t get whip on it. Thats for children.

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