At least according to this study.

A survey of 2,000 owners also found 40 percent thought their car had a personality and was capable of being upset whilst 19 percent worried about how their car was feeling.

I drive a Golf, it therefore has no personality to begin with.

What a ridiculous load of twaddle. The wife to be has a name for her car, Ernie the Escort (last one was Leo the Clio). I wasn’t aware people did this until she mentioned “his” name one day. I seriously worry for the health of this country (but not for wifey, its too late, she’s marrying me! :P). Its another step towards… well I don’t know where but its obviously not a sane place.

By Paul

2 thought on “Half of Britons chat to their cars”
  1. I feel the need to input on this post. We have always named our cars, since I was a baby. So naturally, when I bourght my car, I also named it. Anyways, my reason for leaving a comment, is that my car too, is called Ernie the Escort! And in response to cars having personalities, can you think of any other reason why a 21 year old Ford wouldn’t start after me going away in holiday for two weeks? He was jealous! Clearly someone told him (I’m guessing one of the 40%) that I had a hire car…

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