At Team Fortress 2 that is. The Bal and Vondur blagged me into playing and boy was it fun. See who gave me a kicking:

Bal-bafu is looking good!

Czg is looking good!

Toxic^ is looking good!_0000

Toxic^ is looking good!

Vondur is looking good!_0000

Vondur is looking good!_0001

Thanks guys! (I’ve no idea who toxic^ is, but he gave me a beating!) Anyhoo, I suck at it, but with the wifey away in Whitby this weekend I know I’ll be getting some practice in :).

Anyhoo, I was impressed by how well it ran on my iMac since they’re not really games machines. Admittedly I was only running at 1280×768, but framerate was certainly good enough. I could probably knock it up a couple of notches and still be ok.

By Paul

5 thought on “#hardcheese kicked my ass”
  1. Yeah the game runs quite well on average machines, which just makes valve rock so much more, making fun pc games that don’t require crazy hardware.

  2. Ah well Vondur if I did get the Orange Box I’d probably play TF2 more since I’d not have to close down OS X and then boot into Vista. My 360 is right next to my iMac. Plus I don’t like leaving the warm and friendly glow of OS X for the cold, shiny glass feel of Vista :D

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