ExorcistSo I set up my avatar on the Steam Community wotsit (see Mr. Happy Face to right) and mentioned it in #terrafusion and the biffster said that it was from one his fave films, the Exorcist. Well, me too :)

As it turns out, biff has a peculiar avatar too (Mr. Boar Face on the left). Now I recognised it, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what the hell it was from, and to be honest, shame on me for not knowing!

BiffIt twas from The Shining, again another of my fave films (and the Stephen King book it’s based on is excellent too, completely different ending). And this is where I can blame biff, because he pointed me to an image of it on the 100 Scariest Movie Scenes on retroCRUSH

Most of them have YouTube clips of the scariest scenes, which is just the thing you want before bed time. So last night I scared myself witless. My top three to watch, in the dark, with the sound up nice and loud, just before you go to bed are:

  1. Mulholland Dr.
  2. Jacob’s Ladder
  3. The Exorcist III
  4. (Bonus) Carrie

Hmmm, they don’t seem quite so scary now… sweet dreams though!

The images link to their bits in the top 100 :D

By Paul

4 thought on “Thanks biff for the nightmares”
  1. Honest guv, it’s there, you’ll have to go watch it again :) On that 100 scariest movie scenes, the Shining is on there six times and that particular scene is at 61.

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