Got hold of a neat little WordPress plugin by Matthew Delmarter for doing syntax highlighting on PHP, HTML and CSS. Why you ask? All will become clear later. Anyhoo, heres what it looks like:

// remove session varibles, not needed anymore
if (isset($_SESSION[fOrderToken]))

I’d previously looked for one but none where WordPress 2 compatible. This particular plugin is dead easy to install and activate but is a pain for getting code to display properly. You have to use the raw HTML editor in WordPress and surround what you want to highlight in tags. Not exactly rocket science, but I use BlogJet which does have a raw HTML view, but it makes such a bollocks of it, its not worth the hassle.

Other than that though, its pretty good. Might make some tweaks to it to make it more BlogJet friendly!

Edit: It appears to leave trailing lines / br tags, bugger.

By Paul

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