One thing I do miss on Mac OS X is the ability to quickly lock a machine. In Windows you just press Windows Key and L and it’s job done. On OS X no such option exists by default, however there is a relatively simple way to set it up.

Fire up System Preferences and select Expose & Spaces:


In there change one of the Active Screen Corners to Start Screen Saver. I’ve selected Bottom Left.


Next go back to System Preferences and select Security.


In Security, make sure the General tab is selected and then tick the top option of Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver.


That’s it! So when you want to lock your Mac, just move your mouse to the Active Screen Corner you picked and the screen saver should fire off and effectively lock your Mac.

Edit: Damnit looks like OS X Daily has the same info as my post. And there’s me thinking I was a smart arse…

By Paul

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