Mmmmmm MacBook Air. Just watched the full Macworld 2008 keynote, pretty impressive stuff.


The Air is a really cool piece of kit and pretty well specced for an ultra portable. What gets me is how dinky it is. At it thickest, at 0.76”, it’s still smaller than the thinnest part of a Sony TZ Series! There are a couple of things that aren’t so good such as only 1 USB port and the lack of a removal battery, but I could probably live with that!

I was also impressed by the Time Capsule. A wireless n network hub + 500GB hard drive isn’t bad for £200. I remember reading up on home NAS style devices in PC Pro not so long back and they were more expensive than that.


The user reviews on Amazon for the NAS stuff listed in PC Pro came back with some real horror stories of them just been generally useless and a pain to connect too. I’d hope with the Time Capsule it’d be a doodle to setup and use!

It’s very tempting… Damn you Apple and your shiny new products!

Ars Technica has the full beef on it.

By Paul

10 thought on “MacBook Air and Time Capsule”
  1. It’s the first keynote I’ve watched, so I can’t really compare. It kept my attention for an hour and a half… well other than that guy on the piano waffling on at the end.

    I suppose £130 for a battery isn’t too bad… it being Apple and all. I mean it’s like £50 to £80 to get a battery replaced on a Dell laptop.

    Yeah AppleTV is a bit bleh. I wouldn’t pay that much for something that just does TV and music. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 do that kind of thing (with less restrictions) and they play games!

    I’m very tempted by the Time Capsule. Plus the fact it should work with Windows means I could use it for backing up all our home machines :)

  2. Let it gather dust until it breaks, did that with my tower too and now I’m finally rid of that crap. If Windows is running it’s either in Parallels or Bootcamp but I haven’t booted into it for weeks now.

  3. I use it as my footrest under me desk, so it does still have some use.

    And I’m kinda the same with Windows, I haven’t booted into Bootcamp for aaaaggggessssss. However I do run VMWare Fusion constantly so I can still use good old mIRC and Blogjet… does that count though? It’s not really taxing Windows stuff :D

  4. Welcome to Leopard :D What do you think of it so far?

    Ecto looks interesting, I’ll have to give it a go. I did try MarsEdit but it lacked a couple of features in BlogJet that I really like (like the ability to insert images and it can resize them down and / or make thumbnails and automatically sort out the uploading of it. The other is inserting YouTube links and it just sorts out the HTML for it).

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