We got this lovely email through to the help desk today:


It consists of a completely black screenshot, no subject or any text in the email describing what the problem might be, other than the standard signature and 20 lines of disclaimer telling you not to divulge the contents of the email to your pet squirrel (grey squirrels are terrible gossips) and the usual pseudo legal gubbins (the fact that this at the end of the email where you technically could miss reading it therefore making it pointless is another matter).

Anyhoo, I, with all the subtlety of an elephant on Viagra, would have loved to have replied with “That’s nice dear” and left it at that, but fortunately for us, I’m not on help desk and so the crack team that is, handled it with their usual slickness.

The email did however have some use and reminded me of one of my many favourite sketches from The Fast Show:

By Paul

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