The Superbrowser is not quite what I would have called it. I wonder how many bytes he had left out of the 4GB of memory he would have needed to do that. *snigger*

As a test to see if it was possible thats great, but I was dismayed to see in the comments that lots of people run with tens of extensions installed! How can they need that many? I tend to work on the basis of installing as little as possible and that a program should cover the majority of the functionality I need. Thats not to say I don’t have any Firefox extensions installed, but they amount to less than 10.

By Paul

3 thought on “Brave soul installs 100 Firefox Extensions”
  1. Ha! I don’t think that Opera features all the stuff that this guy installed as Firefox extensions, not even close. Opera does feature those that are most important to the casual surfer, though. And best of all: It doesn’t look so fucking cluttered doing so!

    Anyway, go use the tool that does the job best for you, if it’s firefox with 100 extensions, be my guest :).

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