HDR stuff just blows me away. I can’t quite fathom how taking a photo of something can end up with results like this (see the full flickr gallery for much better quality images):






Found via BoingBoing.

By Paul

4 thought on “Amazing HDR photos of Japan”
  1. actually, i’m pretty tired of these pseudo hdri pics… everyone seem to be obsessed with this technique which is rather questionable in terms of beauty. it’s like to apply some random filter in PS mindlessly… really, it looks like ppl have troubles making image properly contrast and colored so they add this hdri posteffect to hide their lack of skillz ;)
    give proper photos! :)

  2. :( I think you need a new pair of pants Mr. Vondur because the ones you’re wearing are far too grumpy!

    Seriously though, yes I see what you mean, it’s just I haven’t looked at that many HDR / HDRI pics so I’m usually impressed when I do :)

  3. I agree with Vondur, HDRI was never meant for taking dramatic photos. It’s useful in 3D rendering and games and stuff, and I guess these photos are nice cause the subjects are cool and it looks different, but in the end, they are all fairly flat. There’s very little depth and contrast to them cause of the technique used.

    Still these are far from being the worst HDR photos around, still saved some of them as reference. =)

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