Via the font of all knowledge, Lifehacker. They’ve got a list of Top 10 Mac OS X tweaks and three of them came in very useful straight away.

Set your default browser – I use Firefox and in order to set it as the default you have to run Safari (which is like the Mac OS X equivalent of Internet Explorer on Windows) and tweak it’s options for what the default is. Strange place to put it… I’d have thought it was a System Preferences thing, but there you go!


Enable the Tab key – This did puzzle me that you could only tab into controls that were either text boxes or lists and would skip things like check boxes and radio buttons. Fortunately though, you can tweak it via System Preferences / Keyboard & Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts.


Manage programs that start automatically – I’d installed Skype and wasn’t happy with the damn thing loading on startup! Could I find any info on what to do, nope (probably because I was searching for Windows style terms, like startup, runonce). Anyhoo, turns out it’s a piece of piss. Again in System Preferences, apps can be modified in Accounts / Login Items.


Yay for Lifehacker!

By Paul

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