spEak You’re bRanes. It’s utter genius and it’s about page does a better job than I would of explaining itself:

This blog is dedicated to the dribble-spattered lunacy of BBC “Have Your Say” discussions. Part of me thinks that the right-wing “blogosphere” of America is encouraging its slow readers to get over to the BBC and add their ill-informed opinions… but another part of me fears that the sample is actually more representative… perhaps the majority of people in the world really are this awful and stupid.

This is possibly a better description though, from an avid reader: “I just love the way you’ve appointed yourselves as the moral arbiters of what is posted on HYS, as if you have something significant to contribute. That and your self-satisfied sanctimonious attitude…“. Bang on, bitch.

It’s not just the stupid, and sometimes sensible, comments that make it though, it’s the authors sarcastic remarks on them.

Whenever I’ve read Have Your Say I’ve been dismayed by the fact that people seem very serious about what they’ve written when it’s actually complete twaddle. It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

By Paul

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