The old theme was getting really long in the tooth (I know I changed from it once before and went back…) but this time I think I’ll stick with this. Its pretty simple and a bit cleaner looking me thinks. It’s based on the Qwilm! theme which is apparently based on another theme… anyway, I’m tinkering with the CSS and colours and wotnot to get it to my liking so it may change a bit over the next week or so.

By Paul

6 thought on “New Blog Theme”
  1. Nice and clean but I’m not sure I like the arrangement of the columns (maybe better with the two narrow ones combined into one sidebar?) and the placement of the home/mail/rss icons is distracting – it makes your gaze jump up to it over and over again.

  2. The width of the site depends on the size of your browser window. If you shrink it right down it’ll go down to just the one column. At full size there are four, but I’ve turned the fourth off for the time being since it’s meant to contain a site logo and I’ve not sorted one out yet. Thanks for the comments though, I might tweak it as you’ve suggested.

    I quite like the icons there, it’s not too much of a margin and they’re fairly small. I’ll probably change the colour of RSS one so it doesn’t stand out as much.

  3. Ah sorry bear, I get what you mean about the icons on the left. I’ve tweaked ’em so they stay at the top of the page instead of moving with it as you scroll.

  4. I think my main problem with the third column(on my screen anyway) is that is so short which results in a staircase effect that my gaze/brain wants to ascend resulting in a weakened focus on the primary column. Maybe you could make it extend down to the full length of the page or something?

  5. I see what you mean. I intend on putting the logo column back in, so I may actually change it to a two column layout, with logo at the top, then what is currently there underneath and the 3rd column at the bottom.

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