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Note to Weather – Please try harder

Woke up yesterday and it looked like this:

Snowy Home - 2008-02-02.JPG

Woke up today and it looked like this:

The Usual at Home - 2008-02-03.JPG

When it snows, I wish it would do it properly! :)

The line on the left of the photos is a wire going to an old radio aerial we’ve got on the roof that we no longer use. I suppose I should get rid of it since the wire is not really tacked to the house anymore, but me, ladders and heights don’t really agree.

Vondur said,

February 4, 2008 @ 11:15 am

ha, we got the same problem with the snow here…. wtf with winter this year?
also, nice new design, pauk :)

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