I got a phone call from BT earlier today asking me if would I like a £2 a month reduction in my broadband package, and as part of the deal I would also get a free BT wireless hub if I didn’t already have one and 5GB of secure storage on the BT Digital Vault. That sounds super right? So why did I say no to it?

The reason is pretty simple, I’d have sign up on a 12 month contract. Errr… so…

  • I’d save a whooping 24 quid a year.
  • I wouldn’t get a wireless router because I already have one.
  • The 5GB of space is utterly useless to me since I already have 10GB on my .Mac account and 750GB (yes 750) on this very website.
  • Oh and get locked in for another year.

Not much of an incentive is it?! How about knocking a tenner a month off my bill then I’d think about it. Why do companies like BT use cold calling tactics like this? I detest companies that do it. It might have worked in this case if the deal wasn’t so crappy, but as it is, it disgruntles existing customers like me and puts me off using their services again.

I have been pondering about changing to Sky Broadband for ages since we already have Sky and its broadband package is a damn sight cheaper and the service seems the same. Now might be a good time to switch!

By Paul

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