A couple of WoW addicts decided to best way to spend some time together was to have his and her’s WoW setups:


Nothing wrong that, except they don’t just play with one character, but twenty three… each. Enough to run their own guild. And how would you do that? With 47 shuttle PCs obviously, neatly arranged:



Mmmmm… quite!

Via Gizmodo and Flickr.

By Paul

9 thought on “So that’s how you play World of Warcraft…”
  1. Vondur, dunno if you played any WoW lately (your connection was b0rked?) but I noticed they’ve added another licence agreement to accept when there’s a patch update, which mentions things like you’ll get banned if you buy farmed gold for real monies :D

    I was sooooo tempted to do that since previously it wasn’t clear if it was a violation of the licence previously. Damnit! I’ll forever be lvl 20ish!

  2. well, there’s still goldsellers, nothing stops them….
    and money won’t let you lvl up, just time -wasted- on the game, i.e. doing quests and going to dungeons ;)

  3. Actually, those pics are from a husband/wife team that are NOT gold sellers. They apparently use the setups to do census queries on all the WoW servers and sell the accumulated data to companies that for some strange reason are interested in said data.

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