He’s pretty easy to spot in this one:


It brings back memories, I used to read lots of Wally books when I was a young ‘un. Spending hours staring at them looking for fecking Wally…

Anyhoo, the above is from a site, Truck Bearing Kibble, seems to have a stack of more surreal cartoon strips. Well worth a look!

By Paul

6 thought on “Where’s Wally?”
  1. Haha, nice one, would have been great if that was in one of the books. =)
    I used to read those too, except in the US it was called Where’s Waldo, same character though, strange that they switched the name.

  2. Yeah, I always thought it was weird they called him Waldo elsewhere in the world… although in Germany he’s called Walter! Still seems to be going strong with the books as well. I’m half tempted to go find one :)

  3. I got the red Where’s Wally? book for my birthday :D It’s awesome – I used to have them all, even the huuuuge one they did. Wally is ace.

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