I’ve been using a neat little app written in Delphi called floAt’s Mobile Agent (FMA for short). Its a front end for connecting to Sony Ericsson mobile phones either via Bluetooth or if you’re a masochist, Infrared.

I came across it ages ago when I wanted to download some pictures off my phone. Its a rare occurrence but every time I’ve done it I’ve had to find my USB Bluetooth thingy (it manages to hide itself in the most obscure of places) and download the latest version of FMA.


Originally FMA only worked with the Sony T610, which was fine for me at the time. But I’ve now got a K700i and thankfully FMA has been updated to support all Sony Ericsson phones. I haven’t really pushed FMA to its limits, I tend to use to to yank pictures off and back up my phone numbers. There are other options for updating your phone with your PC’s time, sending SMS messages from FMA via your phone (why you’d want to I don’t know?), syncing it up with Outlook and checking out various phone stats. 

The important thing though is that isn’t too bloaty and when I don’t need it, its not running! Thats actually one of the main reasons I use it. I have a habit of binning what drivers I get with various bits of hardware and go in search of tidier alternatives or if that fails the latest versions.

By Paul

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