As the post title suggests, we now have three cats. She’s called Deedee and is a bundle of evil hissing and growling. The mother-in-law is moving house and for various reasons can’t keep the little monster. She was originally Kate’s cat anyway, so it was inevitable this was going to happen. Sigh… you can probably tell that we don’t get on… (with that cat that is, I get on fine with the mother-in-law).

So, I thought I’d share some photos of her. Here she is before the move (admittedly a few years ago):


Here she is after:


Isn’t she just adorable? Just like you’d imagine the spawn of Satan. Any takers? Please?

And since I haven’t posted a photo of the chaps for a while (previously here and here), here’s Weebl and Bob.

Weebl 2008-05-29.jpg

Bob 2008-05-29.jpg

Taking photos of black cats is hard!

By Paul

8 thought on “Three cats!”
  1. Putting her in a cage isn’t such a good idea. She is a terrible traveller. Within the first 10 miles she was sick, then crapped and wet herself. I don’t know which smells worse, cat sick or shit. I’m leaning towards vomit. Heh.

  2. Awww, poor Weebl & Bob. Having to put up with that spawn of evil. That difference (lack of) between the photos is hilarious. It looks like it’s gotten more evil too.

    You get really worried when you find out it’s drawn out a pentagram in the kitchen with the cat gravel from the box.

  3. Pentagrams eh? Well I wouldn’t put it past her, she’s a sneaky bugger. That said, she seems to be settling in well. Less growling at me and seems to come towards me when I call her name instead of disappearing in a ball of fur and hissing.

  4. Ohhhhhhh She is lovely really – Paul, as you can imagine, torments her and brings out her “evil side”. She is a sweet heart with me, actually she is as bald as a badger on her belly and back legs and gets rather embarrased when she rolls on her back and remembers, she swiftly flips back on her side! Poor wee kitty, she is at the vets tomorrow and was such an angel last time – will she be the same again this time…………….. watch this space!!!

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