See exhibit A.


Which is Snitch, our fourth cat! Although Weebl has moved out so, we only have three…

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Edit: I did this post originally with iBlogger on my iPhone but the HTML it created was such a frigging mess I had to go edit it afterwards. You’d think given they say iBlogger is based on ecto, it would create the same clean HTML. Obviously not…

By Paul

2 thought on “Cats sleep in the weirdest of places!”
  1. Well, it’s not me, it’s the wife :D But I guess I am too for giving in. Snitch we actually rescued, since she looked to have been abandoned and kept getting pregnant.

    She was really skinny and when we first got her she kept hiding all the food, turning bowls over, etc, since she didn’t want anyone else to have it. As you can see, shes a tubby one now!

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