Expedia, the online holiday peeps, have got a series of new ads running on TV with the wonderful tagline of “Let Yourself Go�. Now the first thing my warped mind conjures up is probably not what the marketing gurus had in mind. Its actually the use of this…

Champion One Piece Toilet

(Thats a Champion® Elongated One-Piece Toilet in White Heat 208 for reference. Nice!)

Follwed by this…

Letyourselfgo-1 Fatcat Letyourselfgo-2

What were they thinking?! Is it just me that sees it like this?

Rather worryingly whilst searching for pictures for this post, I found lots and lots of pictures of people sat on the bog (mostly work safe). It seems the “Ha ha surprise, I’ve a got a camera and you’re on the toilet!� picture is very popular. Although I did find this which is pretty cool.

By Paul

3 thought on “Worst Tagline Ever”
  1. yeah, i always was impressed by the romanian/greek type o toilets. where all those senators were sitting and shitting and chatting for hours. i’d love to try that, adding beer and air freshners tho.

  2. Vondur, I know what you mean. I wonder how we ended up with little cubicles?

    Also I like wall paintings like that. You have to stand in the right place though to get the perspective right.

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