I’m well into the final part of my Internet and Information Technology degree (ordinary level) with just one evening class to complete, computer communications. I have another module to do, minor research, which is something I can do in my own time. Unlike databases in the previous semester I’m really enjoying computer comms. I’ve found that the subjects I know little about are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most (excluding programming related ones).

Last week I bought a copy of the lecturers suggested course book, Data Communication and Networking, which from skimming through seems very good. Its certainly a lot more readable than the official syllabus book, Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems, which incidentally was the same book I had for my HND (many moons ago).

The latter is one of those books that makes you feel like you’d be really intelligent if you could actually understand any of it. Its far too technical for people with a computing background and seems aimed more at those with an engineering background. The former looks to be the opposite. 

Amusingly the lecturer didn’t want us to buy the book he was using. I thought it was because it would be like the syllabus book, too technical… Nope, it turns out its because his class slides and notes are lifted directly from the book!

By Paul

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  1. […] It was a bit of funny ending to the course. I completed the exam and then came straight home, relieved that it was over. I’m not entirely happy with how the module, computer communications, had been run. As I mentioned previously the slides were lifted directly from the syllabus book so we weren’t learning a great deal in class. I found that I had to do a lot of reading myself to get my head around it all. […]

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