Since I’m lazy ass and don’t have time for a proper waffle session, heres what I’m currently trying to read:

I mentioned the first one earlier in the week, I’ve not got much further with it!

Armageddon is a weighty tome detailing the last 2 years of World War II. I’ve read quite a few books on the subject and I find it really engrossing. I’m looking forward to getting into this book.

Out of the four, I think I’m least likely to finish Velocity. The premise is interesting enough (bloke gets anonymous notes saying if you go to the police I’ll kill X, if you don’t go to the police I’ll kill Y) but its not particularly well written and its slow paced to boot. I’m about 70 pages in and I couldn’t really give a stuff about the main characters. I’ll carry on though, see if it picks up.

Mind Gym is one of those self help guides to help make better use of your time. Worth a punt I thought!

By Paul

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