Welcome to Pauked.com!

Yep, new domain name and new host. Its now www.pauked.com :D. Which is nice. I’ve switched to a proper host instead of the steam powered box in my living room. It saddens me but it just wasn’t up to the job and if I’m to get MPQ Archive up and running, well it needs to be done properly.

So I’ve gone with SiteGround. I have to say I’m impressed, actually more than that, I’m stunned. I had a few queries beforehand so I was going to email them but found an online chat option. I asked a ton of stupid, obvious questions (can I run this? can I install this? can I blah blah?) and got good answers back quickly.

Setting it up was a breeze. My account and site were created as soon as I paid and I’ve managed to get WordPress up and running with everything that was on the old site. The cPanel admin page makes setting it up so damn easy. So yay!

The “basic” package I’ve got gives you 12GB space, 500GB a month bandwidth, PHP access, 10 MySQL databases etc. Lots of stuff, more than I need! The pessimist in me is hoping there isn’t a catch?

My old site (pauk.blogdns.com/blog/) just redirects here and I’ll turn if off at some point. So can the 3 of you with links to the old site, update them please! Thanks.

Oh and BlogJet still works, so double yay!

Nice bit of music

Vondur has put up a column written by Shambler (another Quake peep) about various types of dark ambient style music. There are also some reviews thrown in there for good measure. I tend to listen to all sorts of music but I do like a bit of drum and bass every so often. I tend to ask Shambler what’s good since his really knows his stuff. The majority of music I’ve bought off the back off his recommendations has been really good, and I’ve used Juno in the past to buy from. They have a huge selection of music to chose from. In fact, it might be time to go pester him again for suggestions…