American Grand Prix

A bit of carnage got things off to a good start on the opening lap. Klein, Coulthard (who was able to carry on), Webber and Montagny went off at the first corner whilst Montoya collected Raikkonen, Button, Speed and Heidfeld on the second. Unfortunately after that it turned into utterly predictable yawnfest of a race.

Indianapolis is a terrible F1 track and the only reason it’s on the calendar is to get interest for the sport in the US. The banked corner and long pit straight aren’t in slightest bit interesting to watch and the contrived in field section does little to revive it. It’s a circuit not worthy of F1. Part of me was hoping last year would be the last race there!

But anyway, ranty ranty over and back to the race! Schumacher and Massa annihilated everyone. They were cruising round with their engine revs dropped to conserve their engines. It was pretty effortless really, but as to whether this constitutes a comeback for Ferrari, I’ll repeat what I said for the San Marino Grand Prix, I doubt it.

Indy is another one of those odd Ferrari stronghold circuits where the car in combination with Bridgestone tyres gives them a massive advantage. And that is also the reason the Toyotas did so uncharacteristically well. There can’t be any other reason why they did so well, can there?

Tyres aside, that can’t all be to blame because Alonso was well off the pace. Stunningly so and surprising given Fisichella qualified and finished third. Alonso did the same of finishing in the same position he qualified, but fifth is poor by his standards. The French GP should be far more entertaining in two weeks time.

World Cup over for England!

If I was religious, I’d say thank god for that, but I’m not, so will retort with about bloody time! I can’t stand football, it’s an utterly pointless and boring sport that unfortunately in this country is treated like (religious reference again) the second coming of Christ. Perhaps now we’re out the coverage won’t be so rampant. Whilst I’m ranting, I think it’s disgusting the amount of grief Sven is getting, but unfortunately that’s the way it goes with our wonderful media. Kick a man when he’s down.

In other sporting news (not that you’d think so), as expected Schumacher got pole at Indianapolis. Alonso was well off the pace in 5th. Tomorrow’s race will be a damage limitation exercise for Renault. Barrichello put in a good lap for Honda to get 4th, whilst Button was back in 7th. Not terrible, but not very promising.