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After our Euro 2008 exit…

I got this text message:

Q. What’s 9 inches long and dangles in front of a c*nt?

A. Steve McClaren’s England tie

So no love lost there then! Still you can’t knock a guy too much for sticking to his principles… he said he wouldn’t quit even if we got kicked out of Euro 2008. And neither would I if I knew I was going to be paid £2.5 million when they fired me!

Anyhoo, looking on the bright side, as someone who detests footy, it will mean next year that the TV schedules won’t go to pot!

I am evil

Gom joins #hardcheese:

[13:30] * GomJabbar_ has joined #hardcheese
[13:30] * Vondur sets mode: +o GomJabbar_

[13:30] * GomJabbar_ slaps Pauk around a bit with a large trout
[13:30] <GomJabbar_> IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT
[13:31] <Bal_> =(
[13:32] <GomJabbar_> Pauk’s, not yours mister Stordeur
[13:35] <Bal_> =)
[13:35] <Bal_> so how’s assassassassassin’s crossing gom?
[13:35] <GomJabbar_> First of all it’s Assassin’s Creed, not crossing
[13:35] <GomJabbar_> Additionally… I don’t know
[13:36] <GomJabbar_> Because… http://blog.pauked.com/files/RedRingOfDeath_small.jpg
[13:38] <GomJabbar_> Got it on Thursday, managed to watch the intro and play the tutorial, went to a Diplomacy con on friday, returned on monday and BANG! Red Ring of Death! :(
[13:46] <Bal_> ack
[13:54] <GomJabbar_> So… what I played was nice… awfully I didn’t play much :(
[13:54] <GomJabbar_> Even the sci-fi twist isn’t as bad as I thought it would be
[13:56] <Bal_> ok
[13:56] <GomJabbar_> Strange at first but kinda interesting
[13:57] <Bal_> so getting your xbox replaced now?
[13:58] <GomJabbar_> Yeah, it’s packed up and everything, just waiting for UPS to pick it up
[13:58] <GomJabbar_> They told me it’ll take about 3 weeks but well, what else to do
[14:00] <Bal_> get a wii and mario
[14:00] <Bal_> buy a pc and TF2
[14:01] <GomJabbar_> :(

I notice his slappage a few hours later:

[20:16] <Pauk> hahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> goms 360 blew up
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahahah
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> haahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahaahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahah
[20:17] <Pauk> ahah
[20:17] <Pauk> hah
[20:17] <Pauk> ha
[20:17] <Pauk> ah
[20:17] <Pauk> welcome to the club
[20:17] <Bal_> meany =)
[20:18] <Pauk> i’m might go buy assassins creed and blog about it all week

Sorry Gom :D

iPhoto 08 Fixed

I did a quick update on Saturday morning to my previous post on iPhoto 08. The long and the short of it is that it looks like the random lockup / crash I was experiencing when rotating images has been fixed with the 7.1.1 update.

I can say that pretty much for definite since I’ve just been going through the wadge of photos from our weekend in Whitby and rotatorised a good few with no issues at all. So yay and stuff!

I’ve got crabs!

Two in fact:



The one on the right is female and the one on the left is male. The difference, apparently, is in the apron which is the bit in the middle on their bottoms / fronts shown in the second photo. The females is bigger and tends to be furry round the edge, which is nice.

Anyhoo, we (the royal we as in wifey and I) were up in Whitby for the weekend visiting relatives. We popped round to see Kate’s Grandad who had just received shipment of 20 fresh crabs and was in the process of boiling them (which takes about 15 minutes I think). This is what they look like before:


And this is what they look like after:


They’re not something I’ve come in contact before so I had a good gander. They’re certainly not cute things. And the whole hairy, spidery type legs are disgusting. Unlike Kate’s Grandad, I’d make a lousy fishermen.



We were kindly given a couple to take home with us and when we did, Bob went ape shit since he could their fishy goodness. He had a good sniff, but wasn’t right impressed that he couldn’t open them via a ring pull like his Whiskers (cracking them open will be a job for tomorrow with a rolling pin and tea towel).


And I suppose I should finish this wonderfully titled post with something related:


“Balding man strokes ginger pussy into ecstasy”

New Gadget – iPod Shuffle

I bought wifey and I an iPod Shuffle each earlier in the week:



Cute little buggers! I’m surprised by how well iTunes works on Kate’s laptop given it runs Vista. It’s pretty much identical to how it is on my iMac.

Aliens in Lego form

More random web surfing! Lots of cool pictures to browse. 





Obviously someone with far too much time on their hands… oh wait, browsing a site like this isn’t an example of that? Doh!

Ross Noble Live at The Apollo

A good old bit of YouTube wandering found these gems. Ross Noble can be hit and miss at times given he does tend to be completely random about what he waffles on about, but in this case, it’s comedy gold. I especially love the bit in the fourth video when he realises he’s going to marry his girlfriend (now his wife).

Thanks biff for the nightmares

ExorcistSo I set up my avatar on the Steam Community wotsit (see Mr. Happy Face to right) and mentioned it in #terrafusion and the biffster said that it was from one his fave films, the Exorcist. Well, me too :)

As it turns out, biff has a peculiar avatar too (Mr. Boar Face on the left). Now I recognised it, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what the hell it was from, and to be honest, shame on me for not knowing!

BiffIt twas from The Shining, again another of my fave films (and the Stephen King book it’s based on is excellent too, completely different ending). And this is where I can blame biff, because he pointed me to an image of it on the 100 Scariest Movie Scenes on retroCRUSH

Most of them have YouTube clips of the scariest scenes, which is just the thing you want before bed time. So last night I scared myself witless. My top three to watch, in the dark, with the sound up nice and loud, just before you go to bed are:

  1. Mulholland Dr.
  2. Jacob’s Ladder
  3. The Exorcist III
  4. (Bonus) Carrie

Hmmm, they don’t seem quite so scary now… sweet dreams though!

The images link to their bits in the top 100 :D

Help! #terrafusion log files needed!

Yes, I’m finally updating the #tf stats section of the site (last time was January!). 

Now moALTz and Spds have been very kind in providing logs for most of the period, however I am missing logs for June, July and August. I’m not fussed if they’re not 24/7, but ideally over 12 hours a day. The logs can be from mIRC, Xchat, Trillian, etc (basically any chat program that mIRCStats has a parser for).

So, if you can help please either upload them to your interweb site and post the offending url(s) in the comments or send me an email to:

Thanking you all in advance!

iPhoto 08 was a tad flaky

Edit 2007–11–17: Looks like the rotate crash bug has been fixed in 7.1.1 (some details on the Apple site and Ars Technica). Go run Software Update to fix it!


IPhoto_IconI’ve been tinkering with iPhoto 08, getting the hang of how it works, and publishing some photos up to my .Mac space (work in progress!), which, on the whole, works amazingly well. The syncing of local photos to the web automagically is ace.

Anyhoo, iPhoto does seem to fall over with frightening frequency when I want to rotate lots of photos. What I’ve been doing is going through my various events and fixing those photos that have been taken with the camera held vertically instead of horizontal. And it does seem that iPhoto gets bored with such a mundane task and decides to spice things up by locking up.

At first I thought it was because I was rapidly firing through them, so I tried it at normal speed, then at a slow canter and finally a grandma slipper shuffle and it still got it’s knickers in a twist.

The end result is, if I’m lucky, the last two images I was working on haven’t been changed. If I’m unlucky, well the last one has, and it’s usually that the thumbnail is updated to it’s new rotation, but the actual image isn’t. Feck and biscuits. On a couple of occasions I’ve been able to select the photo in question and do a Revert to Original (you have to be careful with that though), but I’ve had a few where that doesn’t work.

However, there is a way to fix it, which involves starting up iPhoto and pressing the Option and Command keys together whilst it loads (more details on the Apple site). It then prompts with the following:


I tried Rebuild the photos’ small thumbnails. No joy. So I tried Rebuild all of the photos’ thumbnails (this may take a while) and that did work, however, like it says, it ain’t quick and in my case took half an hour to run (my iPhoto library is 11GB which I wouldn’t exactly say is huge).

So, doh, not all is fantastic in the land of Macs (but it’s a rare snag!). I can kind of tell when it’s going to crash and I find having to steer a piece of software kind of quaint.

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